Wellness Plans to help you achieve the best care possible for your pet

Premier Pet Care offers several wellness plans to help you give your pets the best care possible.

We want to make taking care of your new pet easy and affordable. Regular check-ups, parasite screenings and vaccinations are just the start. Thorough physical exams and screening blood work will help establish what is normal for your pet. Regular visits to your veterinarian, when your pet is not ill, will give you the time to ask questions, discuss behavior and other concerns. Being proactive in your beloved pet’s health care will give you peace of mind that you know what to expect as your pet matures. Keeping this in mind we created Wellness Plans.

Preventative routine health care is key to longer, happier lives for you and your pet. Dogs and cats grow at a much faster rate then people do, so at times it may seem that they require more care. We have designed Wellness Plans for each stage of your pet’s life, that include all recommended exams, blood work, testing for common diseases, yearly vaccines, and much more.

To get started, you pay a one-time enrollment fee to get your pet or pets signed up into the plan that you feel is the best fit for you needs and budget. After that,  a monthly payment covers all the items listed in the plan. There are also some extra bonuses for pets on wellness plans!

Click on the links to learn more about what’s included in each plan:

Puppy Wellness Plans
Kitten Wellness Plans
Adult Dog Wellness Plans
Adult Cat Wellness Plans