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Premier Pet Care performs a variety of surgical treatments. We utilize the best in anesthetic monitoring and medications to keep your pet, especially senior pets, as safe as possible. We adhere to the strict AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) guidelines for monitoring, testing, and surgical management.

A consultation is required before the operation to discuss the risks, benefits, and examine your pet to ensure they’re healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

Our surgical suite is used for the performance of a wide variety of procedures including, but not limited to: lump removals, spay and neuter operations, wound repair, and abdominal surgery. Using the most modern equipment, your pet’s vital signs are closely monitored during all procedures. Intravenous (IV) fluids are provided to maintain hydration, blood pressure, and increase safety during anesthesia. We perform and evaluate blood work on each patient before they undergo anesthesia.

All surgery patients receive:

  • Pre-surgical blood work
  • – Pre-operative exam by the doctor
  • – A personalized anesthesia plan
  • – Pre-surgical pain medication
  • – Oxygen pre-treatment and an endotracheal breathing tube
  • – IV fluid therapy during the procedure
  • – Sterile procedures are performed in a separate surgery suite
  • – Dedicated veterinary technician for monitoring and recovery
  • – Anesthesia monitoring including ECG, blood pressure, oxygen and CO2 measurement, and temperature
  • – Patient heat support before, during, and after surgery
  • – Post-operative pain medication
  • – Options for post-operative licking/chewing deterrent such as an Elizabethan collar, Cloud Collar, or Bite Not Collar to ensure maximum comfort while recovering
  • – No charge follow up doctor exam within 14 days of surgery, if needed
  • – Complimentary nail grind and ear cleaning at time of surgery

What we do


  • Spays and neuters of dogs and cats
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Tumor removal
  • Eye, ear, and oral surgery
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