About Us

Our motto is “compassionate care, exceptional medicine.“

Our mission is to team up with our clients to help their pets live healthy and happy lives.

Clients experience a veterinary hospital that feels like visiting a good friend. It is warm, inviting, and friendly. The staff uphold the vision and values of the practice while providing a high standard of care. This high standard extends to house-call visits. The veterinary clinic is designed for the ease and comfort of our neighbors, clients, and patients with a welcoming atmosphere.

Philosophy and Vision

We will always be on the lookout for ways to improve our customer service as well as the way we practice veterinary medicine. We value the relationship, continued trust, and goodwill we establish with our clients. Courtesy, respect, and patience with clients and their pets are among our priorities. We will welcome and be appreciative of every person that walks in our door.

We treat our patients as if they were our own pets and offer customers the level of service that they desire and deserve.

We started Premier Pet Care because we wanted a different experience for our patients and clients. Our hearts ache any time an animal is terrified to come to the vet. This has led to a desire to do things differently. We believe every patient and client deserves a level of care not just for their medical health but also their emotional health.

We take a lifespan approach to each of our patients and are dedicated to being there from puppy/kitten visits, through the illnesses and traumas, and eventually the geriatric years and the end of that pet’s life.

We are dedicated to client education and providing our clients with enough information to make appropriate decisions for their animal companions.

Stop by anytime to say “hi!” Also, call 636-322-4052 or visit our Facebook page to schedule an appointment.